Program information


The summer seminar of the Pixel Film, TV and New Media School, organized by the University of Rijeka is a set of courses and workshops to be held by three or more internationally established film authors.

The lecturers will talk about concrete aspects of making a movie, and will show examples of their own work as an illustration of particular problems. Each of the lecturers will show one or more full movies, after which the participants will have time for questions regarding the movie or about the wider experience of working on a movie.

The topics of the lectures and the workshops are going to be concerned with creating, producing and selling a first movie, the problem of literature to film adaptations, short films, working with actors, and means of expression in movies and the use of light for achieving a dramatic effect.

The 2013 summer seminar will give us an insight into the type of students that could be interested in a more ambitious summer film school, which would be based on a production of short movies.

The programs will last for five days 07-01-2013 – 07-05-2013




The director of photography Vanja Cernjul will talk about the use of light in order to get a dramatic effect, and about finding an authentic visual approach to a particular movie. During the lectures Cernjul will be showing examples from his own filmography and point out the process that, in collaboration with directors and other associates led him to certain visual solutions. In the afternoon section Cernjul will show one full movie and one TV episode that he made. After the projection there will be a discussion about film as a visual medium. In the afternoon section the director of photography, Vanja Cernjul will hold a workshop on the basics of setting up the lighting. The presentation will be held like Dukic's, by projection on a big screen. The lighting will be very simple and based on a few simple lights. The director of photography Vanja Cernjul will hold a lecture on the use of existing light in movies.



The director and screenwriter Goran Dukic will hold a lecture on the problems of film adaptations of literary works. Dukic will show his first film 'Pizzeria Kamikaze' as an example of working on a film adaptation of a literary work. After the projection there will be a discussion, with the participants about the movie they have just seen. Goran Dukic will also hold a workshop titled 'Working with actors'. Three actors will participate in the workshop. Dukic will be filming with a very simple camera which will project the picture on a big screen, so the students can follow the process. In the morning the director Goran Dukic will hold a workshop called 'The directing of expressive mediums.



The director and screenwriter Mike Cahill will hold a lecture about making, producing and selling his first movie. During the lecture Chill will be showing unedited material from his movie that is going to have been made, which will give the participants a rare chance to witness the making of a movie. Cahill will be showing his first movie 'Another Earth'. After the projection there will be a discussion about experiences on making a first movie.